We are dedicated to providing free refugees and immigrants services including economic empowerment, We work hard in responding to our clients needs. As we know they should re-apply for their public assistance after every six months we make sure these applications are processed on time and sent to their social services case worker. We also help individual who have problems reading their letters like bills , appointments and other government to ensure a clear clarification is provided to avoid problems with the senders.

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Under our Education project, We work very hard with both boys and girls in responding to their needs by providing some learning materials for both boys and girls, we also provide the sanitation guidelines to girls to ensure they are able to care care of them selves during period time. Other than we have the provision of sanitary items to girls from grad 5 to grad 12. # We also have our BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS PROGRAM but we are still looking for the training materials. # Under education project we have our online BASIC ENGLISH COMMUNICATION CLASS we teach once per week and this every Sunday morning, from 12:00 Am to 1:15 Pm

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We help our clients getting jobs, We are still looking for other company owners who are willing to work with us and we will be sending workers to them according to their qualifications, we have a number of dedicated job specialist who are able to select the best employees who will help contribute to the growth of your company Giving us this responsibility will help us achieve our goal.

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We use the Community based approach while we go to our communities and have focus group discussion with either our community stakeholders, or community members discussing the issues affecting their well being. As we know there is a lot of question that needs responses the community based approach is one of the best way to get to know what is really going on in our community for us to better able serve them.

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We work hand in hand with our partners for the better of our clients.

English Classes

We now provide English courses to people in need as this will help our people get ready for their citizenship interview for those who want to be citizens. Support our activities by donating anything.