Projects coordinator

160 Hampshire Street, Buffalo, New York, USA - 54353
we are currently looking for an interested individual who is willing to volunteer as our Projects coordinator at our New York center, this person will directly will help communicate with company owners for our clients employments process, please read bellow for the requirements based on this position.
The primary role of a project coordinator is to ensure that all projects are well-organized and get completed on thime and within the budget. This work requires multitasking, attention to details and strong communication skills.
Project coordinator assist the project manager and delegate tasks to other department and team meambers. He/She is responsible for identifying ways to reduce expenses and increase the project profitability.
Preparing meetings and updating the team members. Project managers, by comparison, Focus on the project as a whole.
Your skills should include,
Documentation management
@ Procurement management
@ Analitical and problem-solving abilities.
@ Negotiation skills
@ Interpersonal and communication skills.
@ Team-management skills.
@ finance and accounting skills.
@ Strong microssoft offices skills.
@ Ability to sort out details.

#You will oversee logistics management, which includes making sure the company has the equipement to give our client the best services possible.
#You will also coordinate with the finance department ensure that the budget is reasonable for the oparation the company needs.
# You will be reporting to your supervisor to ensure every planed activity is properly executed. Working with other colleagues during the organization process, Working with the executive director to create programs to be administered.
# Developping and implementing all guidelines and policies with the purpose of ensuring compliance with all goverment regulation's mission.
# Monitoring the effectiveness of the his program, Making adjustments as needed.
#Working in tandem with development officer of the nonprofit to secure funds, donations and grants to meet the budgetary requirementsof department.
# Servingas the face of his programs to the external comunity. As such, he attends counity events in an effort to nbuild and maintain positive relationships.
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