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Due to the increment of traffic violations that has been reported to us since September 2022 we come with this idea to have this event which aims to explain what matters the most in the increment of traffic violations. In addition to that our event sponsor Molina Health Care of WNY will be there explaining to our community members about Their health insurance. Join us.

  • Date: 3/25/2023 05:00 PM
  • Location: 60 Court Street, Buffalo, NY, USA (Map)

Projects coordinator

160 Hampshire Street, Buffalo, New York, USA - 54353
we are currently looking for an interested individual who is willing to volunteer as our Projects coordinator at our New York center, this person will directly will help communicate with company owners for our clients employments process, please read bellow for the requirements based on this position.
The primary role of a project coordinator is to ensure that all projects are well-organized and get completed on thime and within the budget. This work requires multitasking, attention to details and strong communication skills.
Project coordinator assist the project manager and delegate tasks to other department and team meambers. He/She is responsible for identifying ways to reduce expenses and increase the project profitability.
Preparing meetings and updating the team members. Project managers, by comparison, Focus on the project as a whole.
Your skills should include,
Documentation management
@ Procurement management
@ Analitical and problem-solving abilities.
@ Negotiation skills
@ Interpersonal and communication skills.
@ Team-management skills.
@ finance and accounting skills.
@ Strong microssoft offices skills.
@ Ability to sort out details.

#You will oversee logistics management, which includes making sure the company has the equipement to give our client the best services possible.
#You will also coordinate with the finance department ensure that the budget is reasonable for the oparation the company needs.
# You will be reporting to your supervisor to ensure every planed activity is properly executed. Working with other colleagues during the organization process, Working with the executive director to create programs to be administered.
# Developping and implementing all guidelines and policies with the purpose of ensuring compliance with all goverment regulation's mission.
# Monitoring the effectiveness of the his program, Making adjustments as needed.
#Working in tandem with development officer of the nonprofit to secure funds, donations and grants to meet the budgetary requirementsof department.
# Servingas the face of his programs to the external comunity. As such, he attends counity events in an effort to nbuild and maintain positive relationships.
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Asukulu Resor


Asukulu is a young man from the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) Asukulu has graduated with buchelor of arts in Economics and political sciences from the Catholic University of Eastern Africs(CUEA) Asukulu has completed varius leadership and social innovation programs including his buchelor' degree in science and technology. Asukulu is committed to helping uplift the lives of refugees and immigrants. Asukulu has managed to beat odds to look for better education opportunities for him self in order to straighthen his leadership capacity and to be able to to greater change for the displaced refugees and immigrants. His work among is instrumental in promoting lifelong learning and creating opportunities Sociaeconomic growth of the refugees and immigrants communities. Asukulu is currently volunteering as the Chief Executive officer at The Center of solidaty for refugees and immigrants services, Inc

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Charles Batinanwa,
The coordinator and Elders and People with Disabilities Network  (EPDN) program manager in the Washington state.


We work so hard to insure the progress of all new and old cases comes to a positive end.


We are the process by which our communities identifies needs or objectives, take action, and through cooperatives and collaborative attitudes and practices within a communities. The multiplicity of institutions, groups, and activities do not necessarily define us as the Community Organization.


We are very responsive to calls and message, feel free to call us with any question or concern.


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We are dedicated to providing free refugees and immigrants services including economic empowerment, We work hard in responding to our clients needs. As we know they should re-apply for their public assistance after every six months we make sure these applications are processed on time and sent to their social services case worker. We also help individual who have problems reading their letters like bills , appointments and other government to ensure a clear clarification is provided to avoid problems with the senders.

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Under our Education project, We work very hard with both boys and girls in responding to their needs by providing some learning materials for both boys and girls, we also provide the sanitation guidelines to girls to ensure they are able to care care of them selves during period time. Other than we have the provision of sanitary items to girls from grad 5 to grad 12. # We also have our BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS PROGRAM but we are still looking for the training materials. # Under education project we have our online BASIC ENGLISH COMMUNICATION CLASS we teach once per week and this every Sunday morning, from 12:00 Am to 1:15 Pm

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We help our clients getting jobs, We are still looking for other company owners who are willing to work with us and we will be sending workers to them according to their qualifications, we have a number of dedicated job specialist who are able to select the best employees who will help contribute to the growth of your company Giving us this responsibility will help us achieve our goal.

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We use the Community based approach while we go to our communities and have focus group discussion with either our community stakeholders, or community members discussing the issues affecting their well being. As we know there is a lot of question that needs responses the community based approach is one of the best way to get to know what is really going on in our community for us to better able serve them.

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We work hand in hand with our partners for the better of our clients.

English Classes

We now provide English courses to people in need as this will help our people get ready for their citizenship interview for those who want to be citizens. Support our activities by donating anything.

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The Center of Solidarity for Refugees and Immigrants Services Inc was established in 2019 by ASUKULU RESOR. This Organization was created out of need in the East Africa community-and larger refugee community-for post-resettlement assistance. Most agencies working in resettlement offer limited assistance past the 90 days, and due to cultural and languages barriers, it can be difficult for families to ask the agencies for assistance. CSRIS hopes to give community members full empowerment and pursue more advanced career and educational opportunities.
Since its creation, CSRIS's goal has been to contribute to bringing solutions to some of the least reached problems affecting refugees. these issues are related to limited access to educational
and training opportunities, career advancement and livelihoods, and youth-friendly reproductive health. while huge efforts are being made to provide refugees with education, High teacher to learner ratio among High schools and Colleges might hinder the quality of learning.
In addition, teenager’s pregnancy and forced marriages are some of the social issues that hinder girls' completion of schooling and access to economic opportunities. Age and performance gaps created due to delays in schools also play a huge role in the high of out-of- school youth which is leading to early marriages, and limited abilities to communicate in English language hinder the prospect of most of the youth to access educational advancement and career opportunities.

The Center of Solidarity for Refugees and Immigrants Services, Inc has committed to providing free refugees and immigrants services including economic independence for the displaced refugees and immigrants families. We are a team of dedicated people and we believe in the resilience and potential within our communities to create a better future for them selves.
Using a community based approach, we hope to continue empowering our community members to regain full agency and control over their own lives, We believe with this control refugee and immigrants families are better able to pursue more advance education and career opportunities in order to gain economic independence.

Refugees and immigrants families who have been in the US for more than three months are qualified to our services.
What we do is, We register them as our clients and start taking care of their needs by responding to their questions, which mean, For you to be qualified TO our services you must have lived in United States for at least 90 days.
Again for us to be able to get you registered you must bring the following documents with you during your first visit:
@ Valid social security card
@ Valid state ID
@ Valid employment authorization card/green card for green card Holders.
 These restrictions does not apply to those who are citizens of America.